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Priority services

Whilst we will do our utmost to prevent any loss of supply, sometimes things can go wrong. We understand that some customers may find it more difficult to manage without heat, hot water or electricity. Please let us know of any medical conditions or vulnerabilities, and with your permission we will add you to our Priority Services Register (PSR).

If there is an outage that we are unable to resolve promptly, we will look to provide additional support for those registered. This can include but is not limited to; additional updates, one of our engineers delivering a temporary heater to your home, or a call from our priority services team just to make sure you’re managing during the interruption.

Accessible services

It’s important to us that our service is inclusive, so if you need any extra support please contact us. We’ve included some of the ways we can help below:-

Communications can be sent in the following format

  • Large print
  • Braille
  • Audio CD

When getting in touch

  • We can communicate with you in over 230 languages over the telephone using our translation service.
  • We can communicate with you using British Sign Language (BSL) over a webcam using our third party Sign Video just click here.

Video and online calls

We offer online or video calls should this be of interest to you. There will be 30 minute timeslots available, however, we can be flexible should you need to speak with us longer. To book an appointment click here.

Community Liaison Officer

We regularly hold engagement days where one of our Customer Service colleagues travels to you. These appointments give you an opportunity to discuss your energy account and we will be able to provide an overview of the services that we offer.

Struggling with your bills?

If you're struggling with your bills, it's important that you get in touch to discuss the range of options we have available. You can also reach out to the Citizens Advice Bureau and Stepchange. Both offer free impartial advice and may be able to help support you.